Welcome to the website of komina film a Rojava!

If you want to make a film in Rojava, a documentary or a short film, you have found the right contact.

To better understand who we are, please read this press release: here are explained our goals and the reason why we exist. To complete the picture, here you will find our story and what we have done so far; while here there are the planned initiatives.

If you want to see the work we have done, here there are our movies and here some photos.

If you want to come to shoot a film, a short film or a documentary we ask you to answer some questions, and to be subject to certain conditions. Everything is explained here.

If you are interested in what the press says about us, here you will find the press review, and if you want to stay informed on what is happening in Kurdistan or in Rojava, on this page there are some links that can help you stay informed. If you want to write, here (link) will find all our references: For any information or questions you are welcome to contact us! Finally, here you can subscribe to the newsletter to stay informed about what we do.