Rojava Film Commune

Production support for feature-length films, documentaries and short

Papers and documents required for application:

* The support petition (signed)

* The application form

* The director's vision (two pages maximum)

* The synopsis (two pages maximum)

* Treatment (15 pages maximum)

* The producer’s vision (maximum two pages includes a target mass and distribution strategy)

* CVs and filmographies (director, producer, screenwriter)

* In the case of the animation movies, the visual pre-designs are required (storyboard and characters designs)

* Time schedule of the project

* The general budget and the detailed budget

* Financing Plan

* Contracts and agreements signed between the producer and the director, the producer and screenwriter, and if the project was about someone’s biography then the permission granted by this person or his/her heirs

* Recommendation letters (if any)

* The scenario

The additional papers and documents required to complete the support application:

* List of the actors and actresses, according to their roles, certified by the production company.

* Contracts and agreements signed between the producer and the leading roles actors .

* Financial documents that shows the agreements signed with the artistic product rights holders as implemented (invoices, account statements, discounts ....)

* Contracts and agreements signed between the product and the composer of the film score (if there isn’t a score was composed especially for the film, a statement that declare this is required)

* Follow-up report (documents certified by Rojava Film Commune, and the appropriateness report issued after watching and evaluating the film)

* Producers or directors who received support from the Ministry of Culture for a project, can not apply for support for the same category again, unless they finish and deliver their project.

* Producers who have not completed their films that received support from Rojava Film Commune according to the assets and foundations outlined  by the Commune, do not benefit from any support for three from the first support date.

* The projects that have been rejected, can’t be applied again at the same year of the date of rejection. As the projects that have been rejected on two previous occasions, can’t be applied.

* Rojava Film Commune can request some additional documents, to complete the project applications files

* The support requests applications will be studied within fifteen workdays. If there is something missing from the form or the documents, applicants will be notified to complete the paperwork or missing information within a maximum period of five days. The applications that have completed the required paperwork and information during this five-day period will be accepted, while the applications that did not complete the paperwork and information, will be rejected.

* Multi-episode and serried documentaries and animated film projects, because they are closer to the television format, will not be discussed during the meetings.


  1. Information related to the project:

The name of the film:

Film Type:

(feature length -short-animated-documentary)

Requested type of support:

Direct support

Indirect support

The estimated cost of the film:

The requested amount:

The requested technical support:

Summary of the film:

(maximum 50 words)

Production company:




Composer (if applicable):

Lead actors (certain ones):

The projected date for shooting the film:

The country where the filming will be:

The cities where the filming will be:

The anticipated duration of the film (in minutes):

The language of the film:

Planned premiere screening date:




Co-Producer Companies and its countries:

The director’s first feature-length film:



Director’s previous feature films and its years:

  1. Information Related to the Production Company

    Production Company Name:

    Company Contact Person Name and Surname:

    Contact Information:


    Cell phone :



    Supports Production Company previously received:

  2. Information Related to the Director

Director’s Name and Surname:

Contact Information:


Cell phone :



Production Company Name: Director’s Name, Surname:

Date: Date:

Signature: Signature:

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