To the press and public opinion

To all the world  nations, to all world artists and in particular filmmakers;

`Rojava Film Commune` has been established.

The People's Protection Units and Women’s Protection Units fighters who are fighting against the most retroactive forms of capitalism "ISIS," are not alone in the leadership of the people's revolution in our  liberated cantons. We re-create our lives that have been relapsed, dispersed and exposed to assimilation attempts for decades. The whole world must know that; we live, and we fight and we win every fight for the whole humanity.  Because we are the ones who are living, and the ones that will be living are the women and children of Rojava and our culture that gathered thousands of years on this land.

We reap our wheat, work in factories, and clean our streets. Our people and us serve and reconstruct our  schools, our hospitals and our temples.  At the same time, we bury our martyrs in our hearts, and we dig every inch of our land making trenches  to protect our people day and night.

By embodying the dreams of humanity unification, we renew our struggle for freedom from the trenches of the fighting fronts to our daily lives. We, men and women side by side, are building the democratic nation with its Kurds, Arabs,  Armenians, Turkmen,  Sunnis, Christians, Yazidis, Shiites, with all our passion and determination.

"The truth is love
And love is a free life. "
"To achieve tangible victories in community institutions where the dreams of liberty and equality are created, is only as hard as doing the daily life tasks. "

We, as a part of The Democratic Culture And Art Movement, by recognizing our duties and responsibilities, by the strength which we derive from our culture; we approach the freedom more and take a bigger steps forward. We compose our songs, revive our folk dances, draw paintings and carve statues. And for our children, who haven’t watched a theatrical plays ever before, we will make plays inspired by our own stories.
And the construction is rising …

On this richly productive land, and by the enthusiasm spirit created by the revolution, Rojava Film Commune has been established.  Without forgetting the memory of the Amuda Cinema massacre, knowing that the only way to revive this memory is by the cinematic work, this Commune has been established.

All of our filmmakers friends should know that; "There can never be art and aesthetic in a place where the freedom of thought and expression is not available, never."  To re-create your art in form you want,I n this geography where freedom could find a way to come alive, now there is Roajav Film commune . Our Commune was established in order to support and help our cinema workers friends, from  Rojava and outside. And  In order to produce feature films and documentaries and display the already produced ones for our people.

So whoever wants to make a movie freely, should come to Rojava. In Rojava, whoever wants to make a movie, should meet Rojava Film Commune.

The most valuable outcomes of the cinema will delivered to Rojava peoples in their own languages. We shall not allow the cinema to be simplified to become an industrial tool, or a consumable and exhaustible object. The squares of our villages will become our culture and art centers. Our factories and our restaurants will become cinema halls. Our vibrant streets will be our films sets.

The Rojava Film Commune is a joint outcome of all the artists who are tried to be captured by the capitalist modernity in their countries. Rojava Film Commune is the determination and the insistence of the Kurd nation to achieve its unity, this nation that was divided into four parts since the entry of capitalism into the Middle East.

Rojava Film Commune is the understanding of life without being  cutout from history and culture, it’s a victory in our  fight for life, it’s the existence, and the consistently pursuit of freedom.

We shall win, We shall create, We shall revive

Rojava Film Commune