On 14 July 2015, in Derbesiye, the Rojava Film Commune has been established.
The press conference was attended by media, guests and people from the autonomous administration, including the co-president of the canton of Cizire.
The press release has been read (link): It clarifies the objectives and characteristics of the commune, the co-president of the canton of Cizire and some people among those who are working for this initiative give speeches.

The day after began the course of a month for filmmakers, where young people can learn film history, Kurdish film history, film theory, photography, editing, scenario, sound, and so on. 11 students took part of it.
The birth of the Rojava Film Commune was picked up by some media, you can be found on this page (link).
The inauguration date was chosen because the 14
thof July 1982 is the starting day of the hunger strike in the prison of Amed which then led to the death of fellow Kemal Pir, Mehmet Durmus Haiyri, Akif Yilmaz, Ali Cicek.

Below, some photos of graffiti Charlie Chaplin and Yilmaz Guney which were made in the seat, as well as photos of the event and the course.